From an early age, David Gill always thought there was a better way to do things.

Today, both professionals and customers agree that he has raised the bar for all technicians in the HVAC field.

Born and raised in New Jersey, David pursued an education in the HVAC field at the Associated Technical Institute of Boston. In his studies, David successfully completed an extensive three year course on engineering, technical training, and theory.

In 1991, his skill and training led him to Southwest Florida. David continued to hone his skills as a technician and build a fantastic customer rapport, and, in 2003, he obtained his contractor’s license.

A short time later, David met Sean McCutcheon, whom David found to be an energetic and ambitious entrepreneur. Sean quickly realized David's talent and potential, and the pair decided to form a partnership. David joined Sean as vice president of Sean McCutcheons Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

As the head of our commercial division, David's New England craftsmanship combined with 17 years of service play a vital role in the company's continued growth.

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