Sean McCutcheon is the president of Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

A resident of Sarasota for over 31 years, he is active in several organizations, gives back to the community by supporting essential causes and helps Sarasota continue to be a paradise for those who live and visit here.

When it comes to air conditioning, Sean has a reputation for being able to resolve problem installations for customers where other area contractors have failed.

Sean's Background

Sean was the first child of a young military family, originally from Kentucky.

After moving many times and living in numerous states, he moved to Sarasota in 1985 with his mother and sister. Sean enjoyed going to Brookside Middle school and graduated from Riverview High School in 1992, where he excelled in sports and made friendships that still remain today.

Also during 1992, Sean began working as a helper apprentice for a local air conditioning company.

Sean worked hard to support his young family and quickly moved up the ranks at work. He was proud to purchase his first home in Sarasota in 1998 and was offered a partnership in the company where he worked soon after.

In 2003, Sean sold his stake in the air conditioning company and achieved his State Certified contractor license. He then formed Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. and opened for business.

Early in 2004, Sean successfully signed David Gill as vice president for his growing business.. Together, they formed a foundation for a solid, highly trained, and well run repair and retrofit company.

In 2007, the company grew to 8 full-time employees and enjoyed an excellent reputation for the highest quality repairs and installations. The company developed relationships with factory tech support & quality control and began assuming the role of the local problem resolution company for the big names in HVAC equipment.

In 2008, he began phase 2 of his business plan to continue to gain brand exposure and market share while maintaining an exemplary record of exceeding expectations.

Due to a growing customer base throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties, in mid-2009 Sean moved his operations to a new, larger building on Clark road in order to better service his customers.

Today, Sean continues his quest to resolve problem installations for customers who are upset or abandoned by other area contractors.

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