Replacing your current air conditioning system?

The challenge of retrofitting today's high efficiency systems is that, while they have become more efficient, they have also grown larger in size so it is more important than ever to have the right company for the job.

Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is the retrofit expert.

Since 2003 Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating has been helping homeowners and businesses in Sarasota and Manatee counties upgrade and replace their equipment.

We have the experience, the knowledge, and the imagination to "work outside the box" and achieve the custom installation that will satisfy the needs of the client.

We offer complimentary replacement estimates in Sarasota and Manatee counties.



"These guys are honest as the day is long...

I have a winter home in Sarasota. I don't normally go on these review things because when I call a company to do work I expect it to be done right - but unfortunately I have used other companies in the past that pretty much just ripped me off. They take advantage of older people who may not be familiar with local companies.

Three years ago I first hired Sean's company to fix my air conditioning - at the time they said it was very old and eventually would need to be replaced but they we able to keep it running for three years. They never once tried to pressure me or my wife, the small repairs they did we're reasonable and at no time did I ever feel like they were trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

These guys are honest as the day is long and when my air conditioner finally took the celestial dirt nap I knew I could trust them to fix me right up. They discovered that animals had torn our duct work all up so they not only fixed me up with a new ac system but they replaced the ductwork. Sean even suggested that I still get 2 other quotes before they did the work - which I did - but One of the other guys was very pushy, and the other was much more expensive, I was always going to use Sean anyway but I'm glad that he is so confident that he makes sure people get other estimates."

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