Sean McCutcheon's Air Conditioning and Heating company is a stand-up company that is willing to help anytime of the day. He is honest and willing to help everyone, no matter the situation. He understands the economy. His employees go over and above to help.

I refered him to a good friend. She was in desperate need of help. Another company told her they could not help her, they could not even get it to work. They recommended she purchase a whole new air system and did not give her any alternatives. Sean sent his guys over to her house. They got her air to work, explained it would only last a couple of months and she would need a new system. They were willing to work with her for cost, set up a payment plan for her. She is a single mother who does not have help from anyone. It was the middle of summer. She was very thankful for his help. She purchased a new system from him when she had the money.

Kim S / Sarasota FL

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Beware of home warranties that claim to cover your HVAC

Don’t fall for insurance companies that offer policy’s that supposedly repair or replace your AC when it fails.

They never replace the system – they will just keep sending people out to patch it up and keep it barely running.

According to Angie’s List, “Historically, home warranty service companies have been one of the "worst graded" categories on Angie's List. Members misunderstanding or disagreeing with what their warranties cover and the quality of repair work are cited in the majority of complaints.”

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Buying Your AC Unit online

Be careful shopping price first. That includes companies that have PRICE in the name and advertise that you can go to their website and buy products straight from them then find local people to put it in for you.

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HVAC Companies that offer to buy your old equipment or give you a huge discount in exchange for your old equipment

Don’t trust anyone contacting you out of the blue with an unbelievable offer for your existing, old unit and thousands off a new one. Reputable companies don’t go around promising free services or massive discounts. After all, they’re in business to make a profit. When someone makes you an unbelievable offer, you should maintain a healthy suspicion.

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