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The current economic and supply chain conditions affecting the HVAC industry


We would like to take a moment to address the current economic and supply chain conditions affecting our business and the HVAC industry as a whole.

Communication is one of our core values and, as such, we wanted to explain, in advance, why you may be seeing some new faces and changes in pricing as we continue to serve you and our neighbors in the community.

Many of you buy groceries, often purchasing the same basic items, and you are likely seeing the prices of these goods increase. The same is true when shopping at a building supply store like Home Depot and Lowe’s or at most of the supply houses that stock A/C equipment and accessory products.

The pandemic shut down global supply chains which have struggled to get back to production levels anywhere close to what is required to keep up with the demands of fast-growing communities and markets. This has led to a shortages of parts and A/C systems, as well as increases in prices due to the shortage of metal, electronic components, and other essential parts.

The pandemic has exposed a labor insufficiency in most service industries and the HVAC industry, which was already underserved, is now under strong wage pressure to maintain adequately skilled staffing. Wage increases are also required to stay in line with the increased prices of food and other necessities, and school closures, or students being sent home to quarantine after exposure, have put an added strain on young workers and their families.

The volatility affecting our industry and markets makes it difficult to continue doing business as usual without some changes. That said, we have always prided ourselves on delivering professional, courteous, and efficient service and we will continue to do so, in spite of our frustration with the current economic, supply chain, and labor pressures.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard and we will continue to protect, care for, and be an asset to our community and all who live here, as we have done for almost two decades.

Thank you for your time, understanding, and patience.

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